Das Erste – Macht Was

Das Erste – Macht Was  //  PerfectAccident

“The eight clips depict playful instructions, e.g. for a creative gift-wrapping for christmas presents, for creating fancy snow bowls, decorating funny snow characters or sewing of gloves made from old knitted sweaters.
 The animated illustrations spread an enchanted winter mood and take the viewer into a fanciful world.

The campaign was accompanied by various marketing tools like corporate christmas card, postcard, crafting instructions and social media and online design.” (Text by PerfectAccident)

17th International Eyes & Ears Awards 2015:
2nd Prize in the category “Best Typographic Design” and
3rd Prize in the category “Best Design-Related Musical Composition”


Client: Das Erste; Agency: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH; Client CD: Henriette Edle von Hoessle; Client PM: Sylvia Kreuzer; Agency Head of Design: Martin Kett; Creative Director: Iris Engler; Art Director: Elisa Krenz; Motion Designers: Jamett Bergner, Rupert Maurer, Carmen Hirschfeld; Graphic Designers: Joana Leal, Camilla Piontek; Account Director/Producer: Kathrin Hagenbach; Photographer: Andreas Achmann; Illustrators: Old Yellow, Berlin; Styling: Alexander Wuchterl; Food Styling: Daniel Petri; Music: Dominik Giesriegel; Speaker: Maja Byhan; Sound Mix: Amazonas Studios

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