Mega Channel – Mega Mazi

Mega Channel – Mega Mazi  //
“Mega mazi is a format for corporate social responsibility related programmes on Greek tv channel mega which calls to action regarding issues such as environmental care, health and national minorities.
The opener is made in a time-consuming process and is a combination of different collage techniques with stop motion and animation.” (Text by

mega Channel, Greece; Agency: velvet mediendesign, munich; Creative Director: Martin Kett; Concept & Design: Iris Engler, Stefanie Reinhardt; Stop Motion Animation: Iris Engler, Katharina Lebsak, Sascha Coy, Christiane Scheibe; Production: velvet mediendesign; Producer: Gustaf Richter, Georgia Cramer; Post: Sascha Coy, Iris Engler, Katharina Lebsak, Christiane Scheibe; Flame: Sylvia Roessler; Editor: Anja Rosin; Music Composer: Sven Faller

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