Das Erste – Summer Campaign

Das Erste – Holiday Summer 2014  //  velvet.design

“Germany has long, cold winters with heavy, grey clouds hanging over it for months, so it is natural that people want to capture and keep every single sun ray they see, forever!

We took this appreciation and made it into idea for Das Erste’s Early Summer campaign.

Two, sunny, cinematic and poetic ident’s emerged from the creative heads of velvet’s think tank: “Sun Jar” and “Sun Frame”, both celebrating our thirst for that warm, yellow substance, the substantial part of all life: the Sun. So warming, that we want to catch the yellow ball in a treasure jar and capture it’s glow for our frames at home.” (Text by velvet.mediendesign)


Client: Das Erste; Agency: Perfect Accident & velvet mediendesign GmbH; Client CD: Henriette Edle von Hoessle; Client PM: Sylvia Gustat / Werner Mayer; Agency: velvet mediendesign GmbH / Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH; Agency Head of Design: Martin Kett (PA); Creative Direction velvet: Thomas Wernbacher / Matthias Zentner; Creative Direction Perfect Accident: Iris Engler (PA); PM: Kathrin Hagenbach (PA); Film Production: velvet mediendesign GmbH; Director: Matthias Zentner; DOP: Rob Malpage; Producer: Oliver Loessl / Maria Metodieva; Service Production: Travelling Productions; Art Director: Sofia Leite; Post Production: velvet mediendesign GmbH; Post Producer: Niklas Stolzenberg; Editor: Florian Höger; Flame Artist: Peter Nemec / Andreas Rathmacher / Tom Tiller; Retouch Nuke Artist: Rayk Hemmerling; Color Correction: Bianca Rudolph; Music Composed and Produced: Trafalgar 13 / Toni Mir

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